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Katrina & Clayton live in East Ayrshire with their family and share their daily life in the garden on instagram. They practice permaculture principles, reducing & repurposing waste whenever they can. Katrina shows how home educating in nature has helped Clayton thrive.

Clayton Completed The Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Last Year. This year he started the Level 2 Nurture Course. Clayton is 15, Autistic, Non Verbal & has been Home Educated for the last 5yrs.

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Propagating Cherry Laurel

PROPAGATING CHERRY LAUREL TO GET FREE HEDGING What Did We Do? We had a go at Propagating Cherry Laurel Hedging For FREE last summer because we have such a large space to fill. Over 100meters! We picked Cherry Laurel as it stays green and thick all year round and we need a wind barrier to…

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Reuse & Repurpose

GETTING YOUR SEEDS STARTED WITH ITEMS FROM AROUND YOUR HOME What Did We Do? If you are a beginner to sowing seeds it can all seem a little daunting, when to sow, what seeds to buy, when to plant out and then there is all the equipment you need.  Even those that have been gardening…

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Temperature Blanket 2023

RECORDING THE WEATHER AS A VISUAL FOR NEXT YEAR Getting Started Temperature Blanket 2023. The idea of a temperature blanket is to crochet (or knit) a number of rows on a blanket each day for a full calendar year. The colors used each day correspond with the temperature outside. I started crocheting last year with…

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