The Beechgrove Garden 2022 Episode 23 – Katrina & Peter Gelderbloem

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 Episode 23 – Katrina & Peter Gelderbloem

Katrina from Cambridgeshire, England & Peter from Cape Town, South Africa and their children are a Vegan living family of 5 living in East Ayrshire, Scotland. 3 children aged 12-15. Their eldest Clayton who is Autistic and Non verbal is Home Educated by Katrina and has developed a keen interest and eye for the garden and is most happiest when planting seeds, potting up and watering what he has grown. This year Clayton started the Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society. They started building their garden 3 years ago in 2019 when they moved here.

From Beechgrove Episode 23 – Katrina & Peter

You can follow Katrina & Clayton on their instagram page buildingafoodforest_scotland watching them around their garden while they build up their Food Forest with Fruit, Nuts & Berries. Their Kitchen Courtyard Garden using Vertical Gardening techniques, their Vegetable Planters, Mini Food Forests on Fences & Clayton’s Flower Beds.

From Beechgrove Episode 23 – Katrina & Clayton

The family have lived in Scotland since 2013 and decided to finally make it their home in 2019 and bought a property in East Ayrshire with large enough grounds to start building a food forest approx 1/4 acre to start having fresh basic food supplies for their family.

Peter completed Permaculture Design Course online at Oregon State University (certified by the Permaculture Institute of North America) and has designed the grounds using the 12 principles of permaculture design, they started with the fruit trees and fruit & nut bushes to get them established (all under net cages for Deer protection) while they slowly but surely continue to build the area around them.

From Beechgrove Episode 23 – Riley & Eliza

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Update of the area: A Little About Us and Where The Food Forest Has Started From – 2022 Update

Where we started from in 2019

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 Episode 23 – Katrina & Peter Gelderbloem – Timestamp 20.25

NB: Not been working on the garden for 10 years. Only moved there in 2019, so just 3 years

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Timestamp 20.25

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 23:

Carole Baxter and Kirsty Wilson are once again hard at work at Beechgrove. Kirsty designed and planted a hot border back in April that would bring vibrant color to the late summer, and she is giving it the final once-over to assess whether it delivered.

Also reviewing the summer’s performance, Carole and Kirsty check out the results of the quirky containers – how did the compost work out, and what can be planted in them next? Meanwhile, George is joined in Joppa by Carole to check on how the tomatoes and decorative planting have measured up.

BBC Beechgrove Gardens

Celebrating the great Scottish garden. Tips and advice to get the most out of your garden, with inspirational ideas from Scotland’s most beautiful green spaces. The Beechgrove Garden has been on air since 1978 and remains a firm favourite with audiences in Scotland. Beechgrove shares with its viewers the weekly challenge to work with the Scottish conditions to produce maximum yield of as many varieties as possible of fruit, flowers and vegetables.

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