Oakmount House. Edwardian 1903 Home & Garden in East Ayrshire, Scotland

Not much is know about this house or the family that built it except the few pictures we were given by the previous owner, showing the original features like the beautiful windows, the windows in the roof & the chimneys all that have been removed & replaced.

Photo taken 1906
Photo of the family taken at the front door in 1906

Many of the features inside are still there from the ceiling roses and ornate coving and decorations to the beautiful oak wooden doors, window surrounds, skirtings and banisters.

Ceiling roses
Stunning oak throughout the house
Ornate decorations on coving
Beautiful cast iron balcony
Details on the roofing

So many beautiful features still there, yet so many replaced with newer versions and some gone altogether. I’m looking forward to lovingly updating, repairing & renovating this home over the years, trying to keep the older Edwardian style whilst modernising it throughout. Our main problem is heating this home, so wall insulation, floor insulation roof and windows are the first focus.

The biggest reason we were drawn to this home was the grounds. Approx 1/4 of an acre and the views are speculator all the way round the home

From the Kitchen Window
From the Drive way & what the living room looks out to

From the Top floor window
From the bottom Calm room window

From google maps you can see the different tiers of the garden

🟨 Yellow- top sitting tier that will also have a greenhouse & potting shed off to the right

πŸŸͺ Purple- kids playing tier with their swings, trampoline and enough space to run with a lavender sensory slope into this section.

🟦 Blue- large bottom tier we are making into the food forest, vegetable planters and flower slope into this section.

πŸŸ₯Pinky Red- front section that has the mini food forest fence garden and rhubarb

⬜️Grey- kitchen courtyard herb garden, home to our vertical garden, herbs and planters full of salads and cut & come again food types.

Google view showing sections we plant to make
Google view of the grounds

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