Food Forest Area- New Fruit Trees Planted For 2023


Getting Started

We were gratefully gifted our last set of fruit trees for this area from Direct Plants

They sent Clayton out

1 Pear – Pyrus Beth Pear

2 Apple -Malus Cox’s Orange Apple

1 Plum – Prunus Victoria Plum

We also just planted out 3 more Cherry varieties in this area too bringing it up to 15.

3 in each section.

Now we have finished extending this area, added in the boarders to deepen the mulch & stop it moving down the slope and added the paths in, so now we can concentrate on filling this area up

Where Is Each Tree Located?

Along the bottom section, our NEW EXTENDED AREA there was a tree added in each section. The further two trees added next to the large square fruit cage section

We planned it out so there are different fruits in each section and next to each other but still in close enough proximity to pollinate if required

🍆 represents a plum as there wasn’t an emoji

What Is Next To Plant Out In The Food Forest Area?

It is very exciting now we can start properly adding in more fruit bushes, herbs & beneficial flowers

Everything from now on will be grown from seed, divided from other plants we already have or propagated from what we have to start doubling, tripling our yield. To fill the rest of this space will be from zero to pennies.

So far we have in here





This year we will be adding

More Blackberries that we have propagated from our 1 plant

Moving the Redcurrant & Blackcurrant from the top of the house to down here too

More strawberries runners & crowns that are in the vertical garden right now will be moving down here

Herbs: Chives, Coriander, Rosemary are all being grown from seed atm to move down here

Flowers: Lupins for nitrogen fixing, Sweet-peas to attract more bees are all being grown from seed atm to move down here too. Daffodils have been dug up & moved into this area from other locations in the garden to deter the Deers

Lots going on in preparation for Spring/Early Summer placement

For any of your plant needs check out our affiliate link and friends at DirectPlants who without them we wouldn’t have got all our trees finished so fast.

New Fruit Trees Delivery From Direct Plants Video Reel

Planting Out The Last Of The Fruit Trees Video Reel

For any of your plant needs check out our affiliate link and friends at DirectPlants

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Katrina & Clayton and family live in East Ayrshire and share their daily life in the garden on instagram. They practice permaculture principles in the garden, reducing & repurposing waste whenever they can. Katrina shows how home educating in nature has helped Clayton thrive.

Clayton Completed The Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Last Year. This year he started the Level 2 Nurture Course. Clayton is 15, Autistic, Non Verbal & has been Home Educated for the last 5yrs.

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