Building a Food Forest in Scotland. Starting with the Tree Layer (Year 1)

See Previous Post Starting to Build a Food Forest, Where Did We Start?

When and Where Did We Plant?

After building and planting in the fruit cage in July 2019 the design plan was to carry the fruit trees across the back. Not being able to cage the whole 30m area across we used these tree protectors to give the trees a chance to grow without being eaten by the Deers. These were planted April 2020

Deer in the Garden
8 Fruit Trees planted equalled spaced across the back

What Did We plant?

From left to right back row there is

1. Dessert Plum – Prunus Rivers

2. Dessert Apple – Malus Katy

3. Plum – Victoria Prunus

4.,Cooking Apple – Malus Arthur Turner

From left to right front row there is

1. Dessert Apple – Malus Red Devil

2. Pear – Beth on quince A

3. Pear – Conference bush form

4. Cooking Apple – Lord Derby

Staked in with a wooden stakes and the green protection covers, they were then all covered at the base with cardboard and garden mulch of year old leaves that were ready to use. The leaves had been left in 6 brown bins, kept wet to decompose and were perfect after 6 months of sitting there to use for this purpose.

What Did We Plant With Them?

At this time we only added a chive plant and a strawberry plant to the base of each one for the

4. Herbaceous Layer – Chives for the smell to deter the Deer

5. Ground Cover Layer – Strawberries to start giving some ground cover

More details on the layers see blog post Starting to Build a Food Forest, Where Did We Start?

Chives beside a tree
View from top floor. Fruit cage to left & rows of trees across the back. Planting of Butternut squash on black area (this did not work for us!!!)


Yr 1 – April 2019- April 2020

Look out for blog post for Yr 2 – April 2020- April 2021

Look out for blog post for Yr 3 – April 2021- April 2022

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5 thoughts on “Building a Food Forest in Scotland. Starting with the Tree Layer (Year 1)

  1. Very interesting tree enclosures. I had deer come into my yard and eat all the blossoms off my marigold plant, a flower they are supposed to detest. So I had to spray natural deer repellent on them.


  2. They tore though one day and ate all my lupins, no leaves at all, such a pain. When the wind is blowing the bottles rattling do scare them away, but cages have really helped this year once we took off these green protectors.


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