-12 Months- 12 Eco Changes- Making An Eco Swap Of Plastic Wrapping Paper

Month 12- December it’s Wrapping Paper


As when I decided to go Vegan back in 2013, I started with the food, gradually as I did the next shop I swapped over the milk and butter and cheese, we obviously stopped eating or buying any meat but finding substitutes didn’t happen over night.

My husband Peter then joined me a few months later as he felt better not eating meat every day, every meal as it was me shopping & cooking the food we all ate.

Our kids were young at the time 3, 5 & 6 so swapping the younger 2 over wasn’t a big deal as they were at the stage of trying different food out all the time anyway. We also found after eating dairy they would throw up later in the day, so it was easier to just look for the V vegan sign on food than to keep checking for non dairy products for them.

Clayton, being Autistic had (and still has) a self limiting diet of dry brown or beige finger foods only so he wasn’t included in our switch, getting him to just eat was a struggle in its self.

Anyway…..my point is, nothing happens over night, going Vegan we started with food, it then progressed onto products, clothing, shoes, coats, linen, furniture, now we chose items without a second thought.

This progressed onto what was happening on our land and led us to permaculture, principles & design. Permaculture principle No6 is: Produce No Waste. This is the overall aim.

Just making 1 swap starts to make a difference to our planet. What could you do today?

Simple swap of Plastic Wrapping Paper

So here are 5 ways you swap out your plastic wrapping paper

1. Just swap out your plastic paper to a recyclable one


There are lots of different options in most stores right now, paper based. Check to see if it says recyclable, anything with glitter, sparkles, high shine, foiling is not. Keep it simple!

You don’t even have to buy dedicated Christmas paper, there are beautiful birthday designs OR just plain brown parcel paper is very effective & festive when you add a ribbon

There is also sooo much brown paper you can just reuse that comes in packaging nowadays, no need to even buy, just need to be savvy over the year to collect enough….this goes straight back into our soil once we’ve finished with ours

Selection of what we have in the house atm
Brown packaging paper
Check out our blog post to see how we use scrap cardboard & paper

-No Waste Wednesday-What To Do With All The Little Bits Of Cardboard

2. Use up bags that you were given

Reuse gift bags that you were given

Any gift bags we have been given go straight out the house for others gifts. I’ve kept these fabric bags from Amazon gift wrapping service over the years to use in the house for each of our birthdays.

We’ve collected several sizes over the years to use. They just get packed away for the next birthday.

3. Tissue paper

Use & reuse tissue paper

Over the years I’ve also collected tissue paper, it comes in so much!!! I just have a box where I store it & it comes out every time.

What I love about tissue paper is

1. That it looks great all crinkled up, so you don’t need to worry what it looks like.

2. I don’t even bother using tape, just roll the gift up, tuck the ends in & add a ribbon if needed. These are great for using in stocking or all those little bits that you can then pop in a box.

3. It is so much quieter than using actual paper, with Clayton struggling with noise even with his ear defenders on this is my go too for wrapping in the house.

Tissue paper

4. Use tote bags

Last year I got off ebay a huge stack of plain tote bags that we tie dyed for gift wrapping

If you saw last months -12 Months- 12 Eco Changes- Making An Eco Swap Of Fast Fashion you’ll have seen we tie dye every year so we just added these in too. We even made our own gift tags from keyrings & beads with the persons name on for another usable gift

4. Use Pillow Cases or fabric

If buying tote bags is too much for you, try pillow cases or fabric. Cut up old bed sheets, old worn out tshirts, anything that would usually be thrown out, try finding a solution for anything leaving your home.

I’m sure there are some of you rolling your eyes now thinking what are you on about, pillowcases!!! Well let me tell you….

If noise is an issue for your child then this creates a beautiful calm situation and not just for Christmas

If sticky tape or the touch of shiny paper causes sensory meltdowns then with pillowcases you don’t need to worry, you just pop the gift in & fold it over.

Believe me unless you have tried it you won’t know what you are missing, when you have 5 people opening gifts, talking, laughing at the same time the noise is too much, this softer approach changes the whole event AND there is no mess to clear up afterwards either!

Gifts in pillowcases for a birthday in our home

And don’t forget if you are using sticky tape there are other alternatives

Plant based 0% plastic sellotape
Skip the tape all together and use string or off cuts of yarn or look out for ribbons on your items you can keep & re-use

So there! 5 different ways to remove plastic wrapping paper from your home & gifts

There is only 1 reason this month to make some swaps

1. The whole reason is to stop plastic waste coming out of the household.

🌳Permaculture Principle No6 – Produce No Waste

🌱Vegan Living- To Do No Harm

👣🌎Small steps is better than none at all! What small change could you make this year? Could you look into your items too?

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