Top 3 Things You Could Do To Support Earth Day & National Garden Week This Year?


Top 3 things you could do this year in your outdoor space

  1. The Soil
  2. The Air
  3. The Bees

No 1. The Soil

Enrich your soil by adding nutrients back in. Lay some cardboard on your borders, mulch with leaves and grass cuttings. Work with nature at replenishing not removing.

Give Back To The Soil.

No 2. The Air

Plant a tree. Dwarf trees you can grow in large pots, in borders or as features. We take so much from the air everyday.

Give Back to the air.

No 3. The Bees

Plant some flowers. Add in a pot or create a new space. Think about those bulbs you could plant for that huge winter gap they have. Without the work of the bees we wouldn’t exist.

Give Back to the bees.

Sheet Mulching & Enriching The Soil

No 1: Video Reel – Sheet Mulching

Planting Fruit Trees To Support The Air

No 2: Video Reel – Planting Trees

Patio Sweet Peas In Strawberry Baskets To Help The Bees

No 3: Video Reel – Feeding The Bees

What have you done to help support our planet Earth? What could you do this year?

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Katrina & Clayton and family live in East Ayrshire and share their daily life in the garden on instagram. They practice permaculture principles in the garden, reducing & repurposing waste whenever they can. Katrina shows how home educating in nature has helped Clayton thrive.

Clayton Completed The Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Last Year. This year he started the Level 2 Nurture Course. Clayton is 15, Autistic, Non Verbal & has been Home Educated for the last 5yrs.

They now have a book out on Amazon Sharing Stories Through Children’s Books About Their Life Together As An Autism Family & Gardening Duo Katrina & Clayton. Book 1: Clayton’s New Garden Journey: A Story of Autism and Growing

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