Building A Cold Frame From A Metal Bed, Scrap Wood, Pallets & Shower Curtains


What Did We Do?

Built a cold frame from scrap. So this was my Easter break. This project was everything we had collected over the years and 2 clear shower curtains

What Did We Use?

Old Metal Bed Frame: We’ve had this outside for 3yrs now, we picked them up for free snd used them as beds for 5yrs before they got moved outside. They are perfect for putting plants on so they drain freely.

Scrap Wood & Pallets: Wood left over from fencing & part of the large fruit cage that was never used & free pallets we’d collected from around the village. These pallets do take some time to get apart & remove the nails, but worth the effort.

Using Clear Shower Curtains: Picked these up cheap from Amazon, heavy duty thickest ones I could find, thought I’d only need 1 but actually had to get a 2nd. Prices of polycarbonate sheeting was just out of budget!

How Did We Do It?


Built a frame around the bed, out of the wood I had available so very mixed, but I knew I was painting it all black anyway so wouldn’t really be noticed.

Screwed onto the back, sides & front bottom part of the frame with pallet wood. Getting the wood off the pallets took much longer than the build!!


Painted using left over black fence paint to cover it all. Eliza spent the afternoon with me doing this.


Taped together with waterproof double sided tape down the edge to form a larger rectangle. You can see this white strip down the middle

Stapled onto the wood all round the top/sides with heavy duty staples like you’d use for furniture upholstery.

Cut off the excess at the side and the triangle to leave just the front flap.


Hair bands looped through the shower curtain holes that attach onto hooks, this will give it a bit of movement in the wind but stable enough not to rip. Fingers crossed!!

Velcro strips of heavy duty waterproof velcro put on the sides and on the shower curtains to close it up tight enough to have a seal (stuff I had already but can be picked up cheap)


Black sheeting was put across the whole area that we were given for a few reasons.

1. This has really coarse slabs here so you can’t go barefoot. I like to be able to just quickly nip out & not have to go find my shoes first

2. There is constant weeds growing through and I just can’t get the time to constantly weed them AND don’t want to have to move this to do underneath

3. This is the MAIN REASON. The black attracts the heat, like our black fences it keeps this area warmer and holds the heat into the evening.

Building A DIY Cold Frame With A Metal Bed Frame

PART 1: Video Reel

Building A DIY Cold Frame With Shower Curtains

Part 2: Video Reel

What can you build in your garden from some scrap?

You’ll be surprised what you come up with once you start looking!

What have you done?

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Katrina & Clayton and family live in East Ayrshire and share their daily life in the garden on instagram. They practice permaculture principles in the garden, reducing & repurposing waste whenever they can. Katrina shows how home educating in nature has helped Clayton thrive.

Clayton Completed The Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Last Year. This year he started the Level 2 Nurture Course. Clayton is 15, Autistic, Non Verbal & has been Home Educated for the last 5yrs.

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