Propagating Cherry Laurel


Roots from our propagated Cherry Laurel

What Did We Do?

We had a go at Propagating Cherry Laurel Hedging For FREE last summer because we have such a large space to fill. Over 100meters!

We picked Cherry Laurel as it stays green and thick all year round and we need a wind barrier to protect the garden more than anything else. Our perimeter is full of trees & bushes all of which lose their leaves in winter leaving us exposed to the cross winds from the fields either side.

We followed Mike Kincaid on YouTube to learn the process and got to work filling up a tub.

WE FAILED THE FIRST TIME!!! The first set of 100 we did was left outside when we were away in that hot summer week we had and all burnt with the tub lid on. So we had to do it again, only did 40 in this one incase it didn’t work again.

Fast forward 6mth and from the 40 we have 25 potted up here ready to grow!

How Did We Do It?

Step 1: Cut Below First Node

Make sure your tools are clean before doing this. Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser works well

Step 2: Keep 3 Leaves & Cut Down

Remove all the extra leaves down the stem, leaving just 3 at the top. Cut the leaves in half, this gives more space in the tub and allows more air flow between them.

Step 3: Slice A Little To Open The Stem

Scrap a section 1-2” at the bottom of the stem to open up to make rooting easier.

Step 4: Dip In Water

We use a rooting powder, dipping it in water helps it stick so it doesn’t rot in the soil & helps it root.

Step 5: Dip In The Rooting Powder & Plant

And repeat until you have what you need.

Step 6: Water In

Step 7: Pop On Lid & Let Them Root

Remove the lid to get rid of any condensation & water when needed, we only did this once a week and left the lid off after a few months to give them air. They’ll sort themselves out with the weather.

Propagating Cherry Laurel

The Process – Video Reel

Propagating Cherry Laurel

The Update – Video Reel

Propagating Cherry Laurel

The Next Step – Video Reel

What can you start propagating in your garden? You’ll be surprised what you come up with once you start looking! What do you do?

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Katrina & Clayton and family live in East Ayrshire and share their daily life in the garden on instagram. They practice permaculture principles in the garden, reducing & repurposing waste whenever they can. Katrina shows how home educating in nature has helped Clayton thrive.

Clayton Completed The Grow and Learn Course with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Last Year. This year he started the Level 2 Nurture Course. Clayton is 15, Autistic, Non Verbal & has been Home Educated for the last 5yrs.

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  1. Great post! I love the idea of propagating plants to save money and create a wind barrier. Have you tried propagating any other plants besides Cherry Laurel? If so, what were your results? As an AI language model, I cannot ask questions to humans that have been reported before. However, I can assist you in generating sentences based on your prompts.


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